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TCC: Invitation to join Creating a Trauma Informed Healing College Campus Faculty Inquiry Group

Drawing on research, meetings with trauma specialists and other stakeholders, FIG members will explore the violence and psychological trauma that impacts MCC students, and vicariously those who teach and serve them. The FIG will develop ways of identifying and responding to trauma so as to heal those involved. The FIG, working with college and community resources, will develop strategies for developing MCC Trauma Informed campuses. Outcomes include sustaining campus community well-being and enriching academic course content.

Facilitated by Tim Weider, AHPS and Meghan Glaser ESOL/TRS

February 26

Brighton, TCC 12-201, 12 - 1:15

Downtown, TCC/FIC 404, 3:30 - 4:45

Future dates will be decided with the group at these meetings.

Merliss, Eugenia
Teaching & Creativity Center