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Eat Well Live Well Winners, Week Five

In week five, MCC’s Eat Well, Live Well (EWLW) participants have surpassed 34,000 cups of fruits and vegetables.  93 participants have entered their blood pressure at least once.  Participants may enter their blood pressure at any time during the eight weeks of EWLW.  It is completely confidential.  Knowing your blood pressure is a very important piece of information on the path to good wellness habits.  Week five’s Eat Well, Live Well winners are:

Mykhaylo Kachaluba, Records and Registration, MCC tshirt

Toni Fontaine, The Great Dames, MCC tshirt

Bob Reynolds, ETS/Computing Team, MCC Gym Shorts

Congratulations, and keep walking!

The Wellness Team
Human Resources, Health Services, Health and Physical Education, and Counesling, International Students and Veterans Services