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Learning Center Referral Update

Dear Teaching Faculty, In my haste to get an announcement out to the College community on Thursday, December 4, 2008 about the new Learning Center Referral process in Banner self-serve, I was reticent in naming all who were instrumental in making this process happen. Obviously, I'm sorry for the lapse and would like to give credit where credit is due:

Since March 2008 Amy Wright, from Research, organized and pursed the idea from Emily Putnam and Dick Stewart. Part of this process included meetings with: Christine Accorso, Deb Watson and Bob Fathergill (all from Computing), and Dolores Pasto-Ziobro, Internal Auditor. One last meeting that involved Kimberley Collins (Academic Services) and Andy Morris (Records and Registration) set the stage for the go-ahead from which Christine Accorso and Laura Coriddi (Computing) made the idea functional.

A lot of thought and work went into making this idea possible, so if you haven't had a chance to view the new learning center referral process in Banner self-serve please do so (once you login, look for the link: Learning Center Referral instruction document is attached).

Thank you for your attention.

Angel Andreu

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