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Holocaust Film: "Every Face Has a Name"

As part of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project’s Week of Remembrance and Compassion, which runs from April 24-28, we invite the College community to attend a screening of the film "Every Face Has a Name."

Film Viewing & Discussion: "Every Face Has a Name"
Wednesday, April 26
6pm  •  R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center Forum (3-130)
On April 28, 1945, life begins again. As hundreds of Holocaust survivors from concentration camps arrive in the harbor of Malmo, Sweden, news teams capture and televise their images.  Seventy years later, those same survivors view the archival footage of their arrival to Sweden, re-experiencing the emotions of the day and sharing their stories. 73 minutes. Discussion and refreshments provided. 

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Regina Fabbro
Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project