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SUNY Guided Pathways Institute #3 at Mohawk Valley Community College

Monroe Community College continues to lead a SUNY Guided Pathways grant by collaborating with SUNY to plan and facilitate six institutes for ten SUNY community colleges. The purpose of the institutes is to help colleges design and implement structured academic and career paths to scale, for all students. Institute 1 "Benchmarking, Capacity, and Transformational Change" was held at MCC in March and Institute 2 "Mapping Your Guided Pathways" was held at Rockland Community College in June.

On September 25 and 26th, Mohawk Valley Community College hosted Institute 3 "On-boarding Students to Pathway" for the ten participating colleges, including the following team from MCC:

  • Anne Kress, President
  • Medea Rambish, Dean of Academic Foundations & SUNY Guided Pathways Team Facilitator
  • David Barnet, Associate Vice President, Curriculum and Program Development
  • Jacob Bodway, English and Philosophy
  • Catharine Ganze-Smith, English and Philosophy
  • Mary Ellen Gleason, ESOL and TRS
  • Gary Johnson, Director of Schools and Integrated Pathways
  • Gena Merliss, Coordinator, Teaching and Creativity Center & Institute 3 Presenter
  • Holly Preische, Director, Advisement and Transfer Services
  • Christie Smith, Assistant Director, Admissions

Many members of the MCC community also worked to plan and facilitate Institute 3 including:

  • Andrea Wade, Provost and Vice President & SUNY Guided Pathways Participating and Planning Team Member
  • Kimberley Collins, Associate Vice President & SUNY Guided Pathways Project Lead
  • Lloyd Holmes, Vice President of Student Services & SUNY Guided Pathways Coach
  • Renee Dimino, ESOL and TRS & SUNY Guided Pathways Project Director and Institute 3 Presenter
  • Amanda Rampe, Technical Assistant to the Schools
  • Jessica Wilkie, English and Philosophy & SUNY Guided Pathways Coach and Faculty Liaison

Many thanks to all who helped make SUNY Guided Pathways Institute 3 a success. Institute 4 will be hosted at SUNY Orange in January.

For more information about the SUNY Guided Pathways Project and institute materials, check out the following link: or contact Renee Dimino at

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