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TCC (Brighton Campus): Spring Conversation #2 - Purposeful Inclusivity in Course Materials

The Brighton TCC invites you to attend the second conversation of the semester as we explore our theme Teaching with Purpose. This session will be facilitated by Amy Burtner (English/Philosophy) and Gena Merliss (Teaching and Creativity Center), with planning and assistance from Thomas Heidt (Mathematics), Katie Ghidiu (Library), and Meghan Glaser (Transitional Studies).

Continue the Essential Discussions conversation about the importance of creating inclusive classroom environments for students. In this conversation, we will hear from a student about the importance of seeing herself represented in the course. Faculty will have time to share how they purposefully include diverse perspectives and materials in their classes and get feedback on areas where they wish they were more purposefully inclusive. Resources will be provided.

When: Monday, Mar. 18, 12:00-12:50 PM

Where: Brighton TCC (12-201)

All faculty and staff are welcome!

Please note: A flyer announcing the Spring Conversations had a mistake on it (mea culpa!) and listed the date for this event as the 19th, which is a Tuesday. Apologies for any confusion.


This event is designed to meet two of the goals of the Teaching and Creativity Center:

  1. Promote evidence-based, high-impact, innovative teaching strategies and support course design and implementation to improve student retention and learning
  2. Value our diversity and promote inclusivity

Outcomes associated with these goals are

  • Expanding awareness of evidence-based strategies that promote student learning and retention
  • Implementing evidence-based strategies that promote student learning and retention
  • Integrating diverse course learning materials into the classroom including diverse readings, examples, case studies, etc.

Burtner, Amy
Teaching and Creativity Center