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Support the Travel Club in providing Thanksgiving meals to families in need.

The Travel Club would like to support several families in need this Thanksgiving by preparing delicious holiday meals. The Club is in need of food donations in order to make this happen. Below is a wish list of items needed prepare the meals:

Canned yams (4)

Canned corn (8)

Canned green beans (8)

Cans or jars of turkey gravy (4)

Cans or jars of cranberry sauce (2)

Cream of mushroom soup (4)

Freeze dried onions (2)

Bags of mini marshmallows (2)

Boxed stuffing (4)

Boxed mashed potatoes (4)

If you are interested in donating cash, the money would be used to purchase turkey, pie and other miscellaneous meal items.

All donations are greatly appreciated, and may be dropped off at the Travel Club office or with a Club Adviser, Janet Zinck or Rebecca Griffin, by Thursday, November 15th.

Extra food donations will be given to the MCC Food Cupboard.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

-The Travel Club

Zinck, Janet
Hospitality Management