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FBI Active Threat Training

Due to high demand, the Department of Public Safety is hosting a second presentation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) discussing Active Shooter Incidents: Pre-Attack Indicators and Behaviors & the Prevention of Targeted Violence.

This condensed brown-bag session will be held in the Empire Room on December 3, 2019, from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. All faculty and staff are welcome. RSVP to Kevin Hall at by November 27th if you are interested.


This presentation will provide an overview of research findings and case studies that help expose the psychological factors that drive offenders into acts of targeted violence against schools, colleges, and universities. Agents will discuss examples of pre-attack offender behaviors from past mass casualty events as well as the FBI's approach to identifying persons-of-concern and mitigating the threats they pose before they attack an institution. Audience members will gain an understanding of how to identify possible behaviors indicative of an active threat incident in an effort to prevent targeted attacks through reporting.

Perez, Tony
Public Safety