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System Status Page

If you are working from off campus and you need to know the status of any particular system, you can click the following link from home and find out its availability - https://mcc-opsman/operationsmanager. 

Note:  From home you will need to use

The first-time you use this system it will ask you to install Silverlight software

·       If you see a message box that tells you that a web console configuration is required, you will need to install the Silverlight Client by selecting “Configure” and with the next message box, selecting “Run.”

·       When completed, it will go back to the original message box; select “Skip” and the System Status page will open.

·       On the far left, select System Status.
- A Red X indicates that the service is down.
- A Green checkmark indicates that the service is running fine.
- A Yellow triangle with an exclamation point indicates that there might be a minor issue.

ETS will keep this web site up to date when systems go down over the holiday break.

Donna Pogroszewski
Communications and Network Services