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TCC: Last Chance to Sign Up for Open Classrooms Week!

Sign up by Friday at noon to visit a colleague's class.

The Teaching Creativity & Center, with the support of the Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee, is pleased to provide fantastic opportunities for faculty to attend Open Classrooms Week at the Applied Technologies Center, Downtown and Brighton Campuses. There are options from early morning until evening and online. Unless already scheduled, we encourage no faculty meetings during this week to create more opportunities for participation in Open Classrooms Week.

There are no walk-ins! Please make sure that you sign up for classes that you would like to observe.

When you go to the Google Doc, you will notice that there is a tab (at the bottom) for each day and for online. Each day, classes are grouped by campus and then in time order. For each open class, hosting faculty included some background on the class and their expectations. Kindly follow these expectations.

There are a limited number of slots for each class based on the host's choice. Please sign up only for the classes that you plan to attend.

You should observe to learn something about teaching or about students. Before you attend Open Classrooms Week, spend some time thinking/writing about what you would like to learn from the observation. While you are in the class, pay attention to your own questions. After the class, take some time to reflect on what you did learn. Was it what you expected? How will your learning impact your work at MCC?

Faculty are doing fantastic and impact things in their classrooms - engaged collaborative learning, dynamic lectures, getting to know students well. Our students are involved in public speaking, service learning, role plays, hands-on practice and much more. When was the last time you were in another faculty's classroom, not to evaluate, but to learn?

Registration will close Friday, October 18 at noon. Sign up here.

Merliss, Eugenia
Teaching & Creativity Center