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New York State Teachers Retirement System Offering Pension & Retirement Education Program

The New York State Teachers Retirement System is introducing a new program for members of all ages, the Pension & Retirement Education Program (PREP).   PREP seminars are free, and sessions are held throughout the year and across the state. 

This program will offer the same type of information as the TRS Retirement Planning Seminars have had in the past, but members can tailor PREP to fit their needs.  They can stay for the entire seminar (from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.) or just those modules that help them the most:  NYSTRS Benefits, financial planning; Social Security; estate planning; filing for retirement; adjusting to retirement; and retirement income. 

A PREP schedule for this fall is attached, as well as information on how to make a reservation. 

Karen Rheinheimer
Human Resources

icon TRS PREP Schedule.pdf