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Banner Facts

When fully implemented in 2006, the Banner project will impact all
College constituents. Examples of the size and scope of MCC's Banner
project--and some upcoming activities--include the following:

Banner Advancement (Alumni) will support over 84,000 constituents and
organizations, and 138,000+ gifts and pledges at the MCC Foundation. The
Banner Advancement training kick-off is scheduled for October 25-26,

In 2006, Banner Student will house over 378,000+ academic history
records, of which approximately 56,000+ are registration records for the
Fall term. The core MCC Student team includes approximately twenty-five
individuals who are participating in their third training session this

In 2006, Banner Financial Aid will support over 8,100+ MCC students who
receive financial assistance. A pre-training visit for the team is
scheduled for November 22-23, 2004.

The Banner HR, Finance and Technical teams are working on data
conversion issues and reporting for the January 1, 2005 Go-live date for
Banner HR.

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