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And the Oscar Goes To...

And the Oscar Goes to….The Banner Self-Service Videos!!


You’ll laugh (although we hope not hysterically). You’ll cry (ditto). You will actually learn everything you need to know about Banner Self Service from the comfort of your office or in your jammies at home. The Banner Self Service videos are now available on the web.  You can view them as often as you like whenever you like. And as an added bonus, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy Banner Self Service is. Honestly.  


Having read through the Banner documentation (no Pulitzer there!) and having attended (what seems like) one thousand hours of Banner training, I can personally attest that these videos are the easiest and most painless way to learn Banner Self Service. For the majority of users, Banner Self Service will accomplish everything you need to do your jobs.


If you find that there is something you need to do that you cannot accomplish through Self Service, call or email your department Banner mentor and they will make arrangements to teach you what you need to know from Internet Native Banner (INB). Keep in mind that INB is much less user friendly and less easy to navigate than Banner Self Service, so if you can do you job using Self Service alone that is definitely the route you want to take. Picture walking home from work and being able to choose between strolling through a fragrant meadow or having to machete your way home through a jungle maze. That’s Self Service versus Internet Native Banner.


So, check out these awesome videos and experience the thrill of going from Banner ignorant to Banner brilliant in the easiest most painless way possible. And remember to take the time to smell the flowers in the meadow on the way!


Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records