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Middle States Self-Study Team Chairs

Monroe Community College is perfectly poised to engage in its ten-year Middle States reaccreditation review.  Reaccreditation is an opportunity for us to celebrate our rich legacy yet imagine a new college for a unique time in higher education.

MCC has decided on a comprehensive approach to the fourteen standards for its self-study process.  The Steering Committee has assigned one study team to each standard. In consultation with the members of the Steering Committee, the 14 Study Team Chairs were selected. 

The following colleagues were selected to serve as Study Team Chairs and they have all graciously agreed:

Standard 1:  Mission and Goals

Chair:  Steve Kilner, Mathematics

Standard 2:  Planning, Resource Allocation, and Institutional Renewal

Chair:  Ted Ciambor, Educational Technology Services

Standard 3:  Institutional Resources

Chair:  Bob Cunningham, Academic Facilities & Learning Environments

Standard 4:  Leadership & Governance

Chair:  Christy Fogal, Mathematics

Standard 5:  Administration

Chair:  Martha Maher-Garcia, Human Resources

Standard 6:  Integrity

Chair:  Dolores Pasto-Ziobro, Internal Audit

Standard 7:  Institutional Assessment

Chair: Mark McBride, Library

Standard 8:  Student Admissions & Retention

Chair:  Christine Casalinuovo-Adams, Admissions

Standard 9:  Student Support Services

Chair:  Vilma Patterson, Student Services DCC

Standard 10:  Faculty

Chair:  Patrick Callan, English/Philosophy

Standard 11:  Educational Offerings

Chair:  Holly Wheeler, English/Philosophy

Standard 12:  General Education

Chair: Annette Leopard, Mathematics

Standard 13:  Related Educational Activities

Chair: Susan Bender, Visual and Performing Arts

Standard 14:  Assessment of Student Learning

Chair:  Elena Dilai, Mathematics

Please join us in congratulating each Study Team Chair.  Their willingness to serve on this very important project shows their commitment to the College and to insuring that MCC achieves the highest possible levels of quality.


Bill Dunning and Holly Preische

Co-Chairs, MCC’s Self-Study

Bill Dunning and Holly Preische
Middle States Self-Study