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Ask Tech Support

Submitting a Ticket Online

In addition to calling 292-TECH for technical support, faculty and staff have the option to submit a technology request through our online ticket system.  To get there, log in to myMCC, click the Tech tab and then click “Report a Technology Problem/Incident” in the upper right corner.  Scroll down and select the icon for the category that most closely represents your request.

Below are a few tips that may help get your request serviced faster.

* In the “Reason” or “Short Description” field, please be brief.  Any text beyond 100 characters will get cut off once the ticket is submitted. 

* Include all information requested and/or as much information as possible in the “Description” box.  If there is a template and/or questions, please provide the information requested. 

* We don’t expect you to “know computers” but please try to be as clear as possible about what you need and/or what is going on.  Include a decal for PC issues, a printer network address for printer issues, M numbers for accounts and M drive requests, etc.

* Do not use the online ticket system for emergencies or high priority requests, for password/PIN assistance or for issues that require you to be on the phone for guidance, such as software how-tos, general technology questions, etc.

Candy Shaffer
Communications and Network Services