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Wepa, MCC! (Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico)

Wepa (What's up), MCC!

Two students became inspired. That's all it took...

What began as a pipe dream to mobilize the MCC community to show MASSIVE support for our friends and family in Puerto Rico, has rapidly evolved into a donations blitz in just under a week. An original idea from two MCC students, Samantha Rivera and Davin Ortiz, has taken hold and morphed into "Wepa, MCC!"; a day to celebrate Puerto Rican food, music & culture, as well as collect donations that will be shipped to the Island as part of a larger effort through InterVol - Rochester.

Join us on Tuesday, 10/17, from 10AM - 2PM, in the R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center Terrace, for a celebration featuring free food (Juan's and Maria's Empanadas), popular reggeaton, and the opportunity to make a huge impact!

Due to shipping restrictions and regulations, only the following items are being accepted: soap, detergent, shampoo, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, deodorant, toilet paper, baby diapers, and feminine hygiene products. NO CLOTHES or FOOD ITEMS are being accepted at this point.

Won't you stop by on your lunch to drop off a small item and enjoy some fellowship with your peers, colleagues and students? We hope to see you there!

Fiannaca, Peter
Office of Student Life & Leadership Development