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Electronic Direct Deposit Pay Stub

Approximately 450 full-time and adjunct MCC employees now participate in the Electronic Direct Deposit Pay Stub program implemented several months ago.  The College goal is to increase participation in the program so that employees, who have direct deposit, a MCC email address, and access to desktop computers, will receive pay stubs and bi-weekly pay information electronically through Outlook or Employee Self- Service.

  Advantages to the Electronic pay stub include:
Ø      Notification of your net pay on Tuesday prior to a Thursday pay day;

Ø      No concerns about lost or stolen mail;

Ø      Easy access from your desktop MCC Outlook account;

Ø      Secure computer access which is password protected (last name directly followed by last four digits of your social security number)

Ø      Reduction of postage expense.
If you wish to join your colleagues in participating in this program, you may do so by e-mailing “Payroll” located in the Outlook directory.  If you would like individual help in enrolling, please contact Human Resources.
We look forward to your response and future participation.

Dr. Sherry D. Ralston
Director, Human Resources