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HSMI Terrorism Seminar Open to Students and Faculty

The Homeland Security Management Institute is hosting a two-day conference on Terrorism and is offering students and staff waivers of the $129.00 fee.

The Islamic State is one of the most dangerous enemies faced by the U.S. A hybrid insurgency/terrorist group/state actor possesses transnational capabilities and strategic objectives of violently opposing the West/U.S. and killing Americans. Islamic State activities are growing and expanding inside the Homeland leading to an increased threat to all Americans.

This two-day course focuses on several key areas of the Islamic State inside the U.S. - their Attack Planning, Radical Ideology, Strategic Messaging, Recruitment of Americans, Social Media Activities and Operational Security. In addition, the process of Radicalization for American Homegrown Violent Extremists will be discussed along with key pre-incident indicators of Radicalization.

Our presenter is Bob Dougherty who worked for 25 years as an undercover Operations Officer for the CIA. He has extensive experience in working against Iranian state sponsored terrorism, and the government of Iran intelligence and procurement operations worldwide. Bob has served as a subject matter expert instructor on terrorism and countering terrorist cells inside the U.S. and overseas for a variety of classes attended by law enforcement, U.S. government federal officers, U.S. military personnel, and civilian security specialist and other first-responders.

Monday March 27, 2017
Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PSTF— Rm. 117
1190 Scottsville Road

9am to 5pm

Registration fee : $129
(Limited waivers available)

For more information, please contact: Sheila Manns
585-753-3921 or email

John Perrone
Homeland Security Management Institute