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The 2019 Model United Nations Team wins another year the "Honorable Mention Award"

MCC Model United Nations Team competed in April in New York City along with over 120 colleges and universities and 5,000 students in a simulation representing diplomats from a country much different than their own. The old saying "you never know until you walk in another person's shoes" was so true for these 14 students. MCC represented the country of North Macedonia. Our students work tirelessly for several weeks in class learning about this country, understanding their foreign policy, culture, their needs, their place in the United Nations. Basically, our students became diplomats from North Macedonia. Our students obtained:

Accountability for their own opinions and actions

Creative and critical life skills

Understand global perspectives and issues

Learned leadership styles and skills

Gained an understanding about the total interdependence of the world

Became appreciative of different cultures and their influence on each other

Worked in a team environment, listening and learning about other ideas

If you meet or if any of these student are in your class, please stop and congratulate them. This year's team was:

Erik Olsson Head Delegate, Ashley Garcia, Zoe Frost, Vaneshka Ramos Correa, Claudia McDaniel, Bianca Rossi, La'Asia Evans, Zuhra Masoud, Danitsa Mercera, Maryam Masoud, Gage DeFazio, Tristyn Brey, That Tran Trung Le, Liam Golden IV, Christopher Correa

Batistta-Provost, Shirley
Office of Student Life & Leadership Dev.