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MCC Banner Facts

The MCC Banner implementation project is the largest system migration in
MCC's history. This week--and in weeks to come--MCC Banner facts will be
included in the Banner Update. Below are some facts that demonstrate the
scope of the three-year Banner implementation project:

In 2004-05, MCC Banner Finance will support over 8,100 fixed assets, 285
grants and over 700 budget accounts.

Over 30 MCC Banner Finance two-hour Self-Service end user training
sessions were held in July and August 2004.

Beginning January 1, 2005, Banner HR will support over 1,400 employees
who have an average of 5.6 Benefit/Deduction codes each.

MCC Self-Service Reminders:

Banner Finance Self Service (purchasing and budget inquiry) for end
users is accessible from the MCC Employee's page from any on-campus
computer. Go to the MCC Employees area of the MCC webpage and click on
the Banner icon to log on.

The alternate method of accessing Banner Finance Self Service is to
click on this URL: (or
cut/paste the URL into your browser.)

Please view previous Wednesday Banner Tribune updates for information on
Banner passwords.

For your convenience, MCC Banner Finance Self Service training videos
and materials are available via the Web at:

For further information on the MCC Banner system, view the MCC Banner
homepage: and click on the "News and
Updates" section, or contact Marie Fetzner at

Marie Fetzner
ETS VP Office