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MCC Banner Financial Aid Goes Live

Congratulations to the MCC Banner Financial Aid team on their successful implementation of the Banner Financial Aid module. Banner Financial Aid went live on January 30th with the first phase of 2006-07 Financial Aid processing beginning with the Summer 2006 semester. This first phase includes:

Loading FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) data into Banner for 2006-07
Assigning required documents to students for Financial Aid processing
Reviewing suspended FAFSA demographic records and resolving them with the MCC student system  

The team has been developing the new system for over a year under the leadership of Melissa Barbara, the MCC Banner Financial Aid team leader, and their coach, SungardSCT consultant Ron Coker. Melissa notes, “I am appreciative for all of the work done by my team members and by our consultant, Ron. I know that the enhanced student access to records and to the services that are provided by Banner will greatly benefit MCC’s students.” 

Within the next two weeks, the Financial Aid office will begin communicating with MCC students regarding required documents needed for 2006-07 financial aid processing. 

For additional information on MCC’s Banner system, please see: ""

Marie Fetzner
ETS VP Office