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The College is now officially live and processing payroll in the Banner system. 
The HR/Payroll Banner team is happy to report that your paycheck of January 13, 2005 was generated from this system.

Since this is the first paycheck of 2005 and the first one from a new system, we would like to note some items regarding your paycheck/direct deposit stub and suggest this is a good opportunity for you to review your deductions.  Please note the following items which appear differently in our new format:

1.      Appearance:  The color of direct deposit stubs is a light blue and paychecks a light green; deduction descriptions are slightly changed, and regular earnings reflect “time used.”

2.      Leaves:  Balances appear at the bottom of the stub, and leave accruals, if applicable for the pay period, are included in the balance, but are not a separate item.

3.      Tax:  Federal and State tax rates have changed slightly for 2005.

4.      Deductions:   Implementation of voluntary deductions over 20 or 24 pay periods.

We wish to thank the entire College community for their patience and understanding during the planning and implementation of Banner.  As a reminder, Banner Self-Service will be under construction for this pay period and unavailable.  

If after reviewing your paycheck or direct deposit stub, you have questions; please contact Human Resources or Payroll. 

Thank you for your time and attention.

Sherry D. Ralston
Human Resources