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Scholars' Day Public Debate

As part of Scholars' Day, six student-scholars will be debating the following proposition in the Atrium on Tuesday, May, 7 at 12:15: The value of US higher education is financial.

Defending the proposition are:
• Cheyenne Nelson: First affirmative speech
• Jason Houston: Second affirmative speech
• Ashley Garcia: Rebuttal speech

Refuting the proposition are:
• Diaz Mathis: First affirmative speech
• Jeannine Amico: Second affirmative speech
• William Kusmierek: Rebuttal speech

These students will be sharing their deep understandings of this important question in the tradition of the ancient senates of the classical world, as well as in the traditions of modern democratic governing bodies. The two sides will square off in our most public space at the busiest time for all to see. Don't miss it!

Keith, Jay