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Blackboard Learn:  Grade Center 101 Training Workshop

Attention, Faculty who have successfully completed the ANGEL to Blackboard Migration Series
Faculty who have successfully completed the online training course = Level1: Non– Interactive (Web Enhanced ):

If you still feel like you are struggling with the Blackboard Grade Center in your course, or just want a tune up, this training workshop will give you a better understanding of the Blackboard Grade Center from the ground up.  We have paired a 37 minute video (courtesy of Valencia College, Orlando Florida) with a  face-to-face class to deliver the information you need to take control of your Blackboard Grade Center.

We are ‘flipping’  this workshop.  Participants will review the video first (it is a pre-requisite of the face-to-face class).  For your convenience, we have created a topic list with timings of the key points in the video.  We will review the same topic list in the first hour of the face-to-face class, and will reserve  the last ½ hour of the class as question/answer time (optional).  The pace of the class will be fast, but if you watch the video prior to the class you should find the pace of the class and topics covered manageable.  After reviewing the video, you may have exactly what you need to move forward in the Grade Center.

After reviewing the video, if you still feel the face-to-face class would benefit you, please register for a class at  Registration for the face-to-face class is required since class sizes are small (6 to a class).

The attached document contains the topic list, the link to the video, the face-to-face session description and the list of dates and times the series is offered in October and November.

As always, you can visit the Faculty Innovation Center for Blackboard support at Brighton Campus M-F from 9-3 and Damon Campus every Wednesday from 9:15 to 4:15.

Stay tuned for additional Blackboard training coming soon!

Marie Gibson
Instructional Technologies:  Office of Online Learning

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