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Open Discussions on Good, Evil, Cruelty, & Contemporary Society

As part of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project’s Week of Remembrance and Compassion, which runs from April 24-28, we invite all students, faculty, and staff to experience two of the HGHRP’s most intriguing courses as they open their doors on Tuesday, April 25th for powerful discussions:

"When 'Mean' Becomes Normal: The Social Construction of Cruelty"
9:30am •  5-300, Brighton Campus
Get a sneak peek inside the HGHRP's first course, PSY 222: Social Psychology of the Holocaust, as Dr. Patricia Kress opens her class to all for this powerful lecture and discussion.

"From Bystander to Upstander: Choosing Good in an Evil World"
11am • 5-300, Brighton Campus
Join Prof. Regina Fabbro and her class, ENG 108: Literature of the Holocaust, as they explore the difficult choices one must make in order to act righteously in difficult times.

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Regina Fabbro
Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project