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Eat Well, Live Well, Week Seven

There is one more week to go in the Eat Well, Live Well Challenge.  This week we have taken 95,945,538 total steps which is approximately 47, 972 miles for those who have reported. In other words, if possible we have walked 20% of the way to the moon. Outstanding or at least out of this world. Our average is up to just over 9004. We have consumed over 46,000 cups of fruits and vegetables since the start of the program. The average MCC participant is consuming around 4.4 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. If we keep this up the local farmers will love us when all of the farmers markets open.

Remember there is still time to sign up for the Corporate Challenge, and we are hoping to have a strong presence. Sign up and be a part of one of the biggest running (walking) events in Rochester!

This week’s winners are:

Brenda Davies, Fit N’ Fine

Margaret Lull, Adding Our Steps

Lori Judd, Math

Each of our winners gets an MCC Hoodie.  Congratulations! 

The MCC Wellness Team; Human Resources, Health Services, Health and Physical Education, and Counseling, International Students and Veterans Services
Human Resources