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American Medical Response Operations Hosts CPR Challenge Today and Tomorrow 11-1 PM!

During the week of May 20, American Medical Response operations (AMR) across the country, has set a goal to coach thousands of people to save lives through compression-only CPR. AMR is a leader in the emergency medical response industry, serving more than 4,000 communities in 40 states and Washington D.C.

The CPR Challenge is an opportunity for AMR and its sister companies to collaborate with community organizations to provide CPR training to as many people as possible. Compression-only CPR significantly improves survival from sudden cardiac arrest. The CPR Challenge will impact people's lives for decades to come. Two years ago AMR Rochester added hemorrhage control training 'Stop the Bleed" to the CPR Challenge.

Question and Answer:

Q: Why does AMR hold this event each year?

A: We want to improve the chain of survival in our communities by empowering bystanders to recognize Sudden Cardiac Arrest and provide CPR until first responders arrive. This simple act can triple a Sudden Cardiac Arrest victim's chance of survival. The idea for this initiative came from one of our general managers in California, who saw firsthand how CPR can save lives.

In the wake of most recent active shooter events, AMR sees the value in teaching hemorrhage control procedures to citizens in order to save individuals from life threatening bleeding.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Anyone can participate in CPR Challenge events.

Q: Is compression-only CPR an effective way to save lives? A: Yes. Survival from cardiac arrest can double or triple when bystanders provide compression-only CPR.

Q: Why does AMR hold the CPR Challenge events in May?

A: Our CPR Challenge occurs during EMS Week, which recognizes the dedicated men and women who provide emergency medical services across the country. Their first priority is saving lives, so the CPR Challenge was an opportunity to honor these dedicated public servants by focusing on teaching others to save lives.

To participate in the challenge, please join us today or tomorrow anytime between 11-1 PM in the Campus Center Atrium for a demonstration of compression-only CPR and Stop the Bleed training.

Frisch, Julianna
The MCC Wellness Council