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Open Forum- Dean Humanities and Social Services

. There will be Open Forum today, Monday, March 20, with Dr. Michael Jacobs, candidate for the position of Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

All are invited to attend.

The Open Forum starts at 12:00 pm in the Forum.

The Open Forum will be streamed and recorded for those who cannot attend. Due to technical issues, this Open Forum will be streamed through the following unlisted YouTube link:

You will only be able to access this video if you have this link.

Room 5269 at Damon City Campus will be the receiving room for faculty and staff to view the Open Forum.  We will announce an e-mail address during the Open Forum for those viewing remotely to send in questions.

After the Open Forum today, please fill out a brief survey and provide your input. 

Attached is a short bio for Dr. Michael Jacobs.

Anne Flatley
Health/ Physical Education

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