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Attention All MCC Employees: Change Your Password Now

The Heartbleed bug is an extremely serious computer security threat – one that could potentially wreak havoc on your credit and identity. Be safe, not sorry. Change your passwords – all of them – starting with your MCC password by following the instructions in the attached .pdf. 

Thanks to the extraordinary diligence of MCC’s CITS and CNS personnel, MCC systems have been patched, the necessary remedies have been completed and all systems have been evaluated. Nonetheless, we are still taking a better safe than sorry stance; we are still encouraging you to change your password now.

Any passwords you use off-site, especially any passwords that match your MCC password, should be changed immediately. It is strongly discouraged to use the same password for every service that requires authentication. For a list of major sites affected, click here:

You should browse to your bank/online shopping sites and find out their exposure to Heartbleed. Follow their instructions for remediation. Changing a password before remediation is complete will still leave you potentially exposed.

We’re here to help. If you have any questions regarding MCC security, please ask by calling ext. 8324 or emailing: <>.

David Lane