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KnowBe4 Cyber Security Awareness Training

Yesterday you received an email from KnowBe4 on behalf of Monroe Community College SUNY with the subject "You've been enrolled in KnowBe4 Cybersecurity training". Thank you to the 240 people who have started, and in most cases finished, the training.

Here are some tips after Day 1:

  • The KnowBe4 email DOES have the yellow warning banner, because it originated from outside of the MCC Employee Email system. If you deleted the email because of the banner, let me assure you that the email is legitimate. It does not contain any links or attachments, but rather instructions on how to get to the training by logging directly into myMCC. Reminder emails will be sent in a few days if you have not completed training.

  • The warning banner provides users with one data point, which is that the email came from outside of MCC. Just because the banner is on an email does not mean the email is malicious. We all interact with many outside people and organizations, and it is normal for their emails to contain this banner. However, if you see the banner on an email supposedly from an MCC employee, then you can be pretty sure that email did not really come from that email address.

    On the other hand, some cyber criminals are very sophisticated and are able to spoof an MCC employee email address so well that the banner is not triggered. The lack of a banner does not mean the email is safe. The 15 minute refresher training provides guidance on red flags that indicate an email is likely to be phishing.

  • The more direct path to the training is myMCC > Employees > Technology Help to find the Cybersecurity Awareness Training in the Technology Links Channel.

  • If you are in an area where it is not feasible to listen to the training with speakers, closed captioning is available on the videos by clicking the CC box. You can also turn on a transcript of the narration by clicking on the hamburger (3 parallel lines stacked), and selecting the third icon down, which looks like an open book.

  • Finally, users completing training are getting an error pop-up message. We have a ticket in to KnowBe4 to fix this, but it does not affect your course completion. Enjoy the confetti!

Thank you to those of you who provided feedback, and for your patience as we roll out this new tool for our third year of annual cybersecurity awareness training.

Wirley, Eileen
Technology Services - AVP Office