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Middle States Update

The Middle States Study Teams have been hard at work researching information regarding the college in preparation for submitting their interim reports to the Steering Committee during February – March.  In response to their charge, the teams conducted research by reviewing data, reading literature and reports, administering surveys, and conducting interviews of members of the college community and of the Board of Trustees.  They then spent time analyzing this information and preparing their interim reports.  After the Steering Committee reviews the interim reports, they will provide feedback to the study teams that will help the teams in preparing their final reports which are due in May – June.

An institution spends approximately 18-24 months conducting an intensive self-study.  The purposes of self-study are to review the institution’s mission and objectives, to conduct a thorough analysis of its resources and effectiveness in attaining those objectives and fulfilling its mission, to demonstrate the institution meets the accreditation standards, and to identify ways in which the educational effectiveness of the institution can be strengthened. 

Thank you to all of you who have assisted the study teams while they conduct their research. The Middle States Study is clearly a college-wide collaboration.

Christine Abbott and Valarie Avalone
Middle States Co-Chairs

Christine Abbott