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Last Call to Join the Eat Well Live Well 2014 Challenge!

This week, February 24th through the 28th, is the final week to get your teams together to join the 2014 Eat Well Live Well Challenge.  The kickoff is Sunday, March 2nd for the eight-week program.  When you have organized your team members, please contact Craig Rand with their names at Ext. 2859 or email him at: <""> this week.  Pedometers, if needed, will then be provided once your team is signed up.  If you have your pedometer from last year or a Fitbit you can use that for this challenge as well.  Last year, we had many teams challenge each other for various “prizes” such as a healthy lunch or dessert served to the team with the most steps or the most fruits and vegetables eaten during the challenge.  We had 323 participants and we are expecting to reach that number and more this year! 

If you would like to participate but don’t have a team to join, please contact Craig Rand or Karen Rheinheimer at Ext. 2113 or <""> and we will help you get connected with a team. 

This year, we are also encouraging participants of EWLW to participate in the April 12th Heartwalk.  What better way to train for the Heartwalk than to start with a daily challenge of 7,000 to 10,000 steps?  Please look for the link to join the Heartwalk on the Fit and Friendly Channel on the Employee Tab in MyMCC. 

So come join the fun and enjoy the rewards of being a part of stepping up to a healthy lifestyle for this college community.

The Wellness Team
Human Resources