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HR Banner News

Please review the following information related to HR Banner which is
"going live" with the paycheck of January 13, 2005.

TIMESHEETS: Different Look and Format
Look: Banner has replaced your printed social security number
with a system generated identification number; other printed information
is also different since it is associated with the Banner system.

Format: Days in each week of the payroll period are entered and added
horizontally rather than vertically. Total hours appear at the lower
right of the page; "bubbling" is no longer required.

Faculty/administrators record only exception (leave used) time. Civil
Service and all other staff must report actual hours worked. All
timesheets are bi-weekly in accordance with the Banner Pay ID.

FIRST "GO LIVE" PAY: Other informational points
WEB for Employees (renamed to Employee Self-Service): The WEB will be
under construction and unavailable for the pay of January 13, 2005.
However, it is anticipated that it will be available for viewing within
a month. Unavailability should not affect Finance Self-Service. Also,
WEB for Employees in HRS will remain available for viewing only your
2004 pay information.

VOLUNTARY DEDUCTIONS: Change to 24 method of pay
Beginning with the pay of January 13, 2005, voluntary deductions will
occur during the first two pays of each month. In three (3) pay months,
the third pay will not reflect voluntary deductions. Taxes and
mandatory retirement contributions will continue to be withheld over 26

The Banner team encourages all staff members to check their pay stubs

The HR Banner team is planning two (2) brown bag luncheon meetings to
answer questions and review pay information. Details of these meetings
will be forward to the college community in the near future.

As with any new project, there may be concerns regarding implementation
and activation. The Banner team feels very confident that "go live"
will be smooth and will occur without disruption. The HR team thanks
the College community for its patience during the transition to a new,
more efficient Human Resources/Payroll system.

Thank you.
Humn Resources Banner Team

Sherry Ralston and Marie Fetzner
Human Resources and Banner