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Banner Finance "Goes Live" on August 17

Below are a few reminders to note as we effect the transition from MCC's
PLUS finance system (FRS) to Banner. The new system will be available to
you on Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2004 for ordering goods and services, and for
budget inquiry. After the cut-over date, your access to the old (PLUS)
system will be "inquiry only."

To access the Banner system, click on this URL (or cut and paste the
link into your browser):

Note: When signing onto the Banner system, you must use your social
security number for "USERID", and your birth date (MMDDYY format) for
"PIN". You will be able to change your "PIN" number after signing on for
the first time.

Information on accessing the Banner system from the MCC Employees
homepage will be forthcoming.


A. For all requisitions processed in August use 09/01/2004 as the
"effective date." The "delivery date" should be the same as transaction
B. Use of the "INDEX" function will automatically populate the Fund,
Org., and Program fields, you will need to input the "Account" and
"Location" Accounting fields.
C. The "Activity" field is not active, please do not enter anything
D. Please remember that you cannot "mix" Contractual expenses and
Equipment items on the same requisition (a separate req. is required for
E. For each requisition, you may order up to five (5) items, if
more items are needed, you may continue on another requisition.
F. All input is case-sensitive, please refer to the training materials for
input to all Banner screens.
G. The StaplesLink ordering process will change only in that you must enter the Banner account number followed by
your "Index" in the field labeled "10 Digit FRS number" in the following
manner: (Account) - (Index) Your index may be (4) or (5) characters as assigned

You may contact the Purchasing Department for assistance with
requisitions at ext. 2822.


A. The "Indexing" feature mentioned above is preferable to attempting to
memorize your complete Banner FOAPAL (account number).
B. Your 2004-05 approved operating budget has been loaded into the
Banner system and is accessible for inquiries.
C. During the period
9/1/04 through 12/31/04 the "available balance for salaries will reflect
more than is actually available to spend" as salaries will not be
encumbered until the Banner Human Resources system is activated on

You may contact the Accounting Services Office for assistance with
budget inquiries at ext. 2155.


A. MCC's current procedures, processes, and forms for mileage, travel,
budget transfer requests, and petty cash reimbursements will remain
unchanged, please use Banner account codes.
B. For grants funds with open purchase orders in the PLUS system at
8/31/04, the remaining balance on the purchase order will be transferred
to a Banner purchase order.
C. The available balance for any given
budget unit will be reduced upon the successful completion of a purchase
D. For your convenience, we have prepared a Banner finance
training videos at Please
do not hesitate to visit this website at any time.
E. Remember that when viewing financial activity, for all items that are underlined, you can
"drill down" for more detailed information.
F. Please turn to the back of the Banner Training Booklet for cross-references of PLUS accounts to
Banner accounts. If you need a booklet, please call R. Chaisson-Mills at ext. 2155.
G. If a purchase requisition is disapproved, please notify the Purchasing department so that they can delete the requisition and restore the funds to your account.

For further information on the Banner system, view the MCC Banner
homepage: or contact Marie Fetzner at

Marie Fetzner
ETS VP Office