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ETS has implemented a new anti-spam and anti-virus filtering system in an effort to reduce the amount of unwanted and potentially dangerous junk email.

To view email that has been filtered by the new system, please visit from a web browser on a computer on campus.

Using your MCC user name (i.e. bsmith123) and password, you will be taken to your personal Junk Box where you can view your filtered messages.  These items can be deleted (though messages will be automatically deleted after 30 days) or “unjunked”, which will deliver them directly into your Inbox.

The interface also allows you to configure personal anti-spam settings, including the aggressiveness level of the filtering system toward messages you receive.  We suggest you tune these settings upward or downward based on your personal preferences.

By default, messages that you receive from senders that you have previously sent messages to (since 12/25/2013) will bypass filtering to help eliminate false positives.  You can also manually add individual email addresses or entire domains as allowed or blocked under the Anti-Spam Address Books feature.

We hope this service enhancement will assist in keeping the email system highly available and functional for all members of the college community.  If you have any questions or have trouble accessing the new system, please contact the ETS Technology Support line at xTECH (8324).

Drew Mead
Communications and Network Services