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The Immigration Climate: Impacts on Students and Higher Education

Please join us for a stimulating presentation and discussion on U.S. Immigration on Monday June 5th from 10-11am in Monroe A.

In this session, Wedade Abdallah, an Immigration Lawyer from the Legal Aid Society of Rochester will review the Executive Orders in detail, extending beyond the travel ban and into the other elements of the order that ramp up interior immigration enforcement and include actions regarding the building of the wall on the Mexican Border.

Implications for MCC and the Rochester area international and immigrant community will be discussed, as well as wider implications for the future of international higher education. She will present the legal details on these issues as well as educate the participants on the legal rights of immigrants, non-immigrants, and undocumented individuals. Don Beech and Audra Dion will be there to field questions on how these orders have impacted students here at MCC.

Dion, Audra
Global Education & International Services