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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cybercriminals have become very sophisticated on how to scam people.
• 23% of recipients now open phishing messages and 11% click on attachments.
• 50% open e-mails and click on phishing links within the first hour.
• 75% of data breaches are a result of an end-user downloading malware and falling for phishing or social media scams.

One of the most effective ways you can minimize the phishing threat is through awareness and training.

Monroe Community College has developed a free mini-course for faculty and staff in an online Blackboard course. You will learn how to avoid online fraud and phishing, as well as how to protect our students and college’s information from cybercriminals.

The attached instructions provide details for accessing this self-paced online course, titled “901500-MON-MCC-CNS-100 Intro to Cyber Security 2015 with Donna Pogroszewski”. This course provides important tips and information to protect digital assets from hackers and safeguard your and MCC’s sensitive information.  Technology Services encourages everyone to complete this course.  If you have any questions on how to access this course, please contact the Technology Support Line at 292-8324 (xTECH).

Donna Pogroszewski
Communications and Network Services

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