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Week Eight, Eat Well Live Well - A Job Well Done!

Congratulations to the MCC Community who participated in the Wegman’s Eat Well/Live Well Program this spring. We did amazing things over the last eight weeks and we hope that you use your positive outcomes to springboard into the summer. As a group we recorded 105,044,607 steps, which was the equivalent of 52,522.3 miles over the 8 weeks. Or in simpler terms, we walked from MCC to Los Angeles 11 ½ round trips during the eight weeks. Which was your favorite part of the country?

During the same time we consumed 50,434 cups of fruits and vegetables or an average of 4.34 cups per day. Excellent work, and we are sure your body enjoyed each tasty morsel.

The Top five teams for Fruit and Vegetable consumption were Records and Registration at 5.23, Damon City Campus at 5.11, CNS at 5.05, Joule Busters at 4.86 and the Great Dames at 4.5. The top five teams for average steps per day was the Tough Mudders at 17,044 (we believe you are ready for the race in July), Records and Registration at 11,976, ETS at 11,231, Health and Physical Education at 10,521 and the Math team at 9,659.

The prize winners for week eight are:

Debbie Ake, The Team to Beat, An Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat with carrying case from the MCC Book Store

Margie Rolleston, Damon City Campus, An Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat with carrying case from the MCC Book Store

Mark Basinski, Counseling, International Students and Veterans Services, MCC Hoodie

Many thanks to the MCC Book Store for their help in picking out this year’s great prizes!  

Next week, we will be having one last grand prize drawing for EWLW participants, two Gym Bags will be awarded, each complete with a towel, water bottle, Frisbee, and a 4 pound weight, courtesy of Excellus.  Many thanks to Excellus for being our partners in Wellness, not only with these donations, but also with conducting three “Quit for Life” sessions for our smoking cessation initiative. 

We would like to thank each and every participant for this year’s challenge, we hope you enjoyed your 8 weeks, have more energy and are ready for the summer. Don’t stop just because the program has ended.  Keep moving, stay healthy and have a great summer.

The MCC Wellness Team; Human Resources, Health Services, Health and Physical Education, and Counseling, International Students and Veterans Services
Human Resources