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Come Learn Qi Gong!

MCC’s Enough is Enough campaign to promote peace and reduce violence is April 3rd – 7th.  As part of Enough is Enough, the Civility Committee is hosting a special session of Qi Gong with  Raphaela McCormack, a certified Qi Gong therapist on Friday, April 7th at 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. in The Forum (Building 3 Room 130).  The sessions are free and open to MCC students, faculty and staff.

Qi Gong (pronounced chee gong or gung) is a practice that involves a series of postures and exercises including slow circular movements, regulated breathing, focused meditation and self-massage.

One unique feature of Qi Gong is its ability to train the mind to direct the body’s energy, or chi, to any part of the body. Qi Gong is believed to relax the mind, muscles, tendons, joints and inner organs, helping to improve circulation, relieve stress and pain and restore health.

Because Qi Gong includes both dynamic and gentle techniques that can be practiced from standing, seated, or supine postures, it is suitable for young and old.

The Benefits of Qi Gong:

•    Reducing anxiety and depression
•    Improving balance, flexibility and muscle strength
•    Improving sleep quality
•    Lowering blood pressure
•    Improving cardiovascular fitness in older adults
•    Relieving chronic pain
•    Increasing energy, endurance and agility
•    Improving overall feelings of well-being

Raphaela McCormack is a certified Qi Gong therapist, completing her studies at the Qi Gong Institute in Rochester in 2004 and at the Elixir Light Healing School of Qi Gong, Lily Dale N.Y. in 2008.  She has been a student of Qi Gong since 2001 practicing as a therapist since 2004, and has been teaching Qi Gong and T’ai Chi since 2003 in the Greater Rochester area. Her teaching brings her to 12 different locations weekly. 

Donna Burke
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