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Maintaining a Clean Desk Can Help Prevent Security Breaches

Did you know that one of the top strategies to utilize when trying to reduce the risk of security breaches in the workplace is to maintain a clean desk? This means, lock away all sensitive and confidential materials when the items are not in use or you leave your workstation.

Here are some tips for keeping a clean desk and work area. 

* Lock your computer when you leave your workspace.

* Shutdown your computer workstations at the end of the workday. 

* Lock any Restricted or Sensitive information in a drawer when the desk is unoccupied and at the end of the workday.

* Close and lock file cabinets containing Restricted or Sensitive information when not in use.

* Do not leave keys used for access to Restricted or Sensitive information in an unattended desk.

* Laptops are locked (use a locking cable or locked them away in a drawer). 

* Passwords should not be on sticky notes posted on or under a computer, in an accessible location. 

* Immediately remove printouts containing Restricted or Sensitive information from the printer and fax machines. This helps ensure that sensitive documents are not left in printer trays for the wrong person to pick up.

* Upon disposal, Restricted and/or Sensitive documents are shredded in an official shredder bins or placed in the lock confidential disposal bins.

* Erased whiteboards containing Restricted and/or Sensitive information.

* Treat mass storage devices such as CDROM, DVD or USB drives as sensitive and secure them in a locked drawer

Securing your workspace is the first step toward preventing security breaches.  No amount of technology solutions can prevent a security breach if the information is in plain sight in an unsecured area.

Donna Pogroszewski
Communications and Network Services