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Provide Input on MCC's College Success OER Text

The COS Committee needs your help to customize the 4th edition of its Open Educational Resource text. We would like to make the book even more meaningful and applicable to the MCC Community, and seek equitable representation of services from both campuses.

Please consider joining us at the Downtown Campus on Monday, March 26th from noon to 1pm in 406 or at the Brighton Campus on Wednesday, March 28th from noon to 1pm in 9-247 to see where we are in the process and to help shape where we are going next. We are particularly interested in documents that will enable students to learn about the services offered through our many offices and organizations; to access and leverage key MCC technologies and events; and to start smart by pursuing their individual pathways to success.

If you aren't able to join us or if you have questions, please send materials and inquiries via email to Renee Dimino (

We will schedule a follow-up session during June's professional development week to demonstrate how we have incorporated this important material from the College Community. Thank you in advance for contributing to the success of MCC's first-semester students.

The COS Committee

Shamblin, Terry