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Change to Tuition Waiver Form

The College recently changed the documentation related to the tuition waiver benefit that is contained in both the Faculty Association and Civil Service Employees Association collective bargaining agreements, and is also extended to non-contract employees. While the documentation has changed, the College's process of granting tuition waivers has not. Let me explain.

Tuition waiver forms are available from the Human Resources Office (1-313, Brighton Campus and 402A, Downtown Campus [Tuesday and Friday mornings only]) and are attached below. In addition to receiving the tuition waiver form, the employee will also be given a document that sets forth the definition of dependent under Internal Revenue Service regulations. This supplementary document notifies employees that the benefit they are receiving may be subject to tax consequences, as the waiver of tuition may be taxable income to the employee or the beneficiary of the waiver. Employees are advised to consult with a tax advisor regarding the taxability of any tuition waiver received from the College.

When the employee submits the tuition waiver form to the College, the Human Resources Department only reviews the form to ensure that it is filled out appropriately. The employee is not asked to submit proof of dependency or any other information with the form. Once received, the tuition waiver form is processed by the College. The Human Resources Department passes no judgment on the form; the employee is solely responsible for the information submitted on the form.

As a reminder, the tuition waiver benefit does not extend to fees that the College charges its students. Individuals attending classes at MCC under a tuition waiver must pay the fees that are billed to them by the College.

The tuition waiver documents are attached.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Human Resources Department.

Thank you.

Attached Files:
MCC Dependent Tuition Waiver Eligibility (revised June 2017).pdf
Tuition Waiver Form (revised June 2017).pdf

Fingar, Melissa
Human Resources