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Save Me From the Banner Terrors!

The Don’t-Leave-Me-Alone-With-Banner Terrors


We’ve been getting a lot of calls from people who are interested in and anxious about Banner and they think they need the security of one-on-one training. Everyone involved in Banner understands that yearning. When the SungardSCT Banner trainers are on campus at least three or four of us are permanently hanging around their necks afraid to let them out of our sight. They literally have to scrape us off them to get on their planes and head home. If you too are experiencing the ‘don’t leave me alone with Banner!’ terrors there are several comforts available.


The Banner Self Service training videos are available on the web. This is the easiest and most convenient way to learn Banner Self Service. You can view them when you want to, from wherever you want to, for as many times as you want to. What more can you ask for! They are easy to watch and make Banner Self Service as clear and understandable as you need.


There are also over 130 in-person Banner Training sessions being offered to the college. While these sessions can accommodate around 15 people, most of them have been conducted with only 2 or 3 ‘students’.  This is as close to one-on-one training as you can get! If you are a human contact learner versus a video learner, this is where you want to be. How do you find out when the training sessions are offered? It’s easy. Go to:


MCC Home Page

A-Z Index


Banner Home Page



You can even sign up for the sessions electronically at:



We cannot offer one-on-one training for everyone at the college. The in-person training sessions are the place to go to ask questions if you don’t feel all your questions were covered in the videos or if you prefer to learn face to face with a trainer.


Please don’t assume you cannot do your job unless you have access to Internet Native Banner. INB is not a secret powerful weapon that we are keeping undercover. It is actually just a more detailed, less user friendly and slower way of recording and obtaining information. It’s filled with minutia that most users don’t need to do their jobs. If, after learning Banner Self Service, you feel there are needs that Self Service can’t meet, talk to your department mentor.


Don’t be terrorized by Banner! Be pro-active and view the videos or attend one of the many training sessions offered. You’ll feel like you have your own Banner expert sitting on your shoulder. (Which, I suppose in its own way, is sort of terrifying too!)



Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records