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GeoFest 2019 - Just 9 days away!

The Department of Chemistry/ Geosciences and the New York Geographic Alliance invite the entire MCC community to GeoFest 2019 on the Brighton Campus on Sat. October 19, 2019.

It is a free event for all staff and students. There will be three workshop sessions on a variety of topics (science, geography, history, art, literature). The workshops include Geography and Literature, Painting with New York Soil, Colonial Wars - a Geographic Perspective, Japanese Wood Block Art, Mapping Our World, Using the GeoHistoGram for World History, and much more! We especially want to invite students who are pursuing a career in education or geography.

Jim Kennard, author of Shipwrecks of Lake Ontario is the keynote speaker. Email Tim McDonnell ( for more information or call 292-2398. There is no fee for registration (and you get a continental breakfast!)

To register, go online to the NYGA Website:

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