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Are you interested in new opportunities at the College?

For those employees who are looking for new challenges, but love working at Monroe Community College, the College is looking for ways to meet your needs. One way of expanding your horizons at MCC is to apply for positions that are available in an acting role.

Monroe Community College applies for and receives many grants that are intended to support our core College mission of student success. The additional funding provided by grants received by the College can help to offset existing operational costs or fund new positions that are designed to specifically target and enhance areas that are essential to student success. In light of the College's current fiscal constraints, we are looking to staff new and existing grants with internal hires. This allows employees to explore new opportunities at the College on an acting basis; meaning that the employee does not give up the security and benefits of their current position, but is able to take on new professional challenges.

One such opportunity is the Title III grant. The College is seeking an internal candidate who can serve as the Project Director for this grant. A description of the project appears below and the job is currently posted on the College's Hirezon site. All that is needed to apply is a letter of interest and an updated resume.

Project Description: The Title III - MCC APPLIED grant is designed to confirm active career pathways, engage high impact practices, increase completion of college-level math and English, and increase credential completion through targeted academic advising and holistic assistance supported by integrated technology. The model is designed to integrate student career and financial plans with academic pathway planning and to promote financial literacy through the understanding of financial outcomes of careers and the implication of student debt. Integrated technology is primary in the project and will provide students with a curated view to support the guided pathways model. The grant is funded through September 2024; however, assignments may be of a shorter duration.

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Davis, Chelsea
Human Resources