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Q:  How do I Access MCC File Storage Using iOS Mobile Devices (iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone)?

A:  Note:  to download and install the following Apps, you need to have Apple and iTunes accounts.  If you are a brand new user of an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone, you may need to establish these accounts before you proceed further.  If you are currently using at least one of these devices, you more than likely already have these accounts.  (The Cisco AnyConnect and mobilEcho Apps are available at no charge).

CALL the ETS Technology Support Line at 292-TECH (8324) and request access for the mobilEcho App.

Within one (1) day you will receive an email from <> with the necessary link, password, and PIN number for downloading and installing mobilEcho.  (Note: this information is time sensitive and you will have five (5) days to download mobilEcho app before this information expires.)

You must download and install Cisco AnyConnect first, and then download and install mobilEcho.

Note – in addition to the free Cisco AnyConnect and mobilEcho apps, accessing documents will require that an office suite application is installed on your iOS mobile device.  The following apps are available from Apple’s online application store.

* File App is a free app that will allow you to open and read documents; however, you will not be able to edit documents with File App.

* QuickOffice Pro HD (approximately $20) allows you to edit documents.

PART 1: Downloading and Installing Cisco AnyConnect – (Note: the iOS mobile device needs to be physically located on an MCC campus for the Cisco AnyConnect installation.)

1.      Download the app

a.       Unlock your device

b.      Click on app store

c.       Choose search and enter Cisco AnyConnect

d.      Install the AnyConnect client

2.      Configure a new connection

a.       Launch the AnyConnect app

b.      Add VPN connection (see examples below)

c.       Enter: DESCRIPTION:

d.      Enter: Server Address:

e.       Turn Network Roaming OFF

f.        Set Certificate Authentication to disabled

g.       SAVE

3.      Connect to

a.       Highlight the new connection you just made.

b.      Use the control to turn the AnyConnect VPN ON

c.       Enter MCC username and password

d.      Click CONNECT

e.       Notice the connect message and click OK to continue

4.      You will also need to connect to your internet service at home

a.       With your iOS device at home, click on the AnyConnect icon

b.      Notice the AnyConnect VPN– touch button to turn ON

c.       Sign in using your MCC password

d.      Click CONNECT

PART 2: Downloading and Installing mobilEcho

1.      Retrieve email from mobilEcho

2.      Click where it says “click here to install mobilEcho from the App Store (ipad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

3.      Touch install

4.      You will be prompted to sign into Apple

5.      Once you have signed into Apple, mobilEcho will start to load – this will take several minutes.

6.      Connect to either:

a.      On campus – MCC Crypto Wireless Network

b.      Off campus – Cisco Any Connect VPN Client

7.      Launch app

8.      Retrieve from email from Step 1: <>

9.      Click Enroll Now

10.  Enter MCC email address (e.g., <>

11.  Enter PIN (included in invitation email)

12.  Enter server address:

13.  Enter username (yourmccusername – example: jdoe)

14.  Enter password (the password you use to sign on to MCC systems)

15.  Click enroll

16.  Create app password (does not need to match domain password)

17.  Once password is accepted, you can browse M: drive

If you experience difficulties with any of these processes please call Tech Support at 292-TECH (8342) option 3, then 1 or submit a trouble report using myMCC, Tech Tab, and then click on “Report a Technology Problem to TECH.

Ask Tech Support aspires to publish a weekly article with your questions.  Send your questions to us at <>.  We will pick one each week for the next publication of “Ask Tech Support.”

Pat Murphy-Golden
Communications and Network Services