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Bike Fall 2018

Celebrate Campus Sustainability Month and Join MCC's Cycling Council Members for Bike Fall 2018

This is an inclusive ride, everyone is welcome.
Ride Preparation Videos --

Dress appropriately for what may be cold or wet weather. Layer up, bring gloves and carry a pack of some sort. Wear a helmet of course. High-vis yellow optional, but a very smart choice.

Saturday, October 20th at MCC's Brighton Campus Gathering at 10:27 A.M., In Front of Building 1 Meet by the Flagpoles for Pre-ride Instructions.

Ride Captains, Please Arrive Early at 9:58 for a Pre-ride Briefing.

Learn to navigate to and from the Erie Canal path. Ride will begin at MCC, cross over to the canal path, then proceed to Pittsford's Schoen Place for a respite (BYO - eat, drink). After the interlude, ride Captains will return to MCC.

One-way--from MCC's campus to Pittsford's Schoen Place is roughly 6.5 miles. Plan on a total ride of 15 miles.

What if it rains? We'll get wet. Nature and science are awesome!

League of American Bicyclists Rules of the Road

The League's six Rules of the Road will prepare you for a safe and fun bike ride no matter where you are riding.

1. Follow the Law: Your safety and the image of bicyclists depend on you. You have the same rights and duties as drivers. Obey traffic signals and stop signs. Ride with traffic; use the rightmost lane headed in the direction you are going.

2. Be Predictable: Make your intentions clear to motorists and other road users. Ride in a straight line and don't swerve between parked cars. Signal turns, and check behind you well before turning or changing lanes.

3. Be Conspicuous: Ride where drivers can see you; wear bright clothing. Use a front white light and red rear light and reflectors at night or when visibility is poor. Make eye contact with drivers. Don't ride on sidewalks.

4. Think Ahead: Anticipate what drivers, pedestrians, and other bicyclists will do next. Watch for turning vehicles and ride outside the door zone of parked cars. Look out for debris, potholes, and utility covers. Cross railroad tracks at right angles.

5. Ride Ready: Check your tires have sufficient air, brakes are working, chain runs smoothly, and quick release wheel levers are closed. Carry repair and emergency supplies appropriate for your ride. Wear a helmet.

6. Keep Your Cool: Road rage benefits no-one and always makes a bad situation worse.

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