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TCC: Register Now for a 2-Day January Workshop on Supporting Nontraditional Students

Supporting Nontraditional Students: a Workshop for Developing Success Strategies in the Classroom

Facilitated by Mathematics professor Rachel Santiago, PhD.

For this two-day workshop, faculty will be provided with research and tools to better support our nontraditional students at the community college level. According to Kim (2002) and Rendón (2002), a nontraditional student is one who comes from a low-income, working-class background, who may be a first-time, first-generation student, who may be aged 25 or older, or who may be financially responsible for dependents. Because these students generally do not have the college experience as part of his or her upbringing, it becomes incredibly important for faculty members to incorporate ways in which they validate these students both academically and interpersonally. This workshop will offer faculty members the opportunity to develop more supportive pedagogy aimed at increasing student retention and persistence.

Dates: January 11 and January 16

9:30 - 4:30

There will be a follow-up day in June. That date will be decided with the participants.

To register:

Merliss, Eugenia
Teaching & Creativity Center