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Choosing a Password Manager

Your personal use password manager should be simple for you to use. If you find the manager too complex to understand, find a different one that better fits your style and expertise.

What to Look For in a Password Manager:

  • The password manager should work on all devices you need to use passwords on such as your PC, Table, and smartphone. It should also be easy to keep your passwords synchronized across all your devices.
  • Use only well-known and trusted password managers. Be wary of products that have not been around for a long time or have little or no community feedback. Cyber criminals create fake password managers to steal your information. Also, be very suspicious of any vendors that developed their own encryption solution.
  • Avoid any password managers that claims to be able to recover your master password for you. This means they know your master password, which exposes you to too much risk. This is not the same as resetting your password.
  • Make sure the vendor continues to actively update and patch the password manager. Always use the latest version.
  • The password manager should include the ability to automatically generate strong passwords for you and show you the strength of the passwords you have chosen.
  • The password manager should give you the option of storing other sensitive data, such as the answers to your secret security questions, credit cards, or frequent flier numbers.
  • Be suspicious of any emails "from" a password manager that asks you to click on a link. This could be a phishing attempt.

Password managers are a great way to securely store all your passwords and other sensitive data. However, since they safeguard such important information, make sure you use a unique, strong master password that is not only hard for an attacker to guess, but easy for you to remember.

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Pogroszewski, Donna
Chief Information Security Officer