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Browsing Safely (Part 2)

When you go online to shop or read the news, you are using a browser. Browsers are one of the primary ways we interact with the Internet. As a result, browsers are primary targets for cyber attackers.

Guard Personal Information

When logging onto websites to retrieve mail, make purchases, do online banking or any website with sensitive information, make sure your browser is using HTTPS, which is a sign of encryption. Encryption scrambles the information passed between your computer and the destination so only the authorized website can read it. Look for signs of encryption, such as the website address starting with HTTPS and a padlock icon in the status bar.

When you are finished visiting a website, be sure to log off. This removes sensitive login and password information before closing the browser. Remember, safe browsing behaviors work to strengthen your shield.

Be Wary of Internet Downloads

Streaming media Web sites might seem harmless, but watching or listening to streaming media may mean downloading a special media player that could contain malware.

Downloaded files like software or other media can hide malware on your computer without your knowledge.

If a download seems too good to be true, it probably is--don't risk it!

Stay safe online by not connecting to websites when you receive a warning. Modern browsers can recognize certain malicious websites designed to cause you harm. If your browser warns you that the website you are about to visit is dangerous, close it and find the information on a safer website.

Plug-ins or add-ons are small pieces of software added to browsers that are used for additional features, such as playing games, watching movies or text editing. Every plug-in that is installed in your browser potentially adds additional vulnerabilities. Only install plug-ins or add-ons in your browser if you absolutely need them and you have prior approval. Once installed, just like with your browser, always use the latest version of the plug-in.

Pogroszewski, Donna
Chief Infomation Security Officer